Monday, April 4, 2011

Serving food...

I love to bake.  I love to eat it almost as much, but truly the enjoyment comes from the process rather than the consumption.  If I have a hobby, it is baking.  It is my stress reliever.  I enjoy the excitement that comes from experimenting with textures, flavors, and colors.  I am calmed by the simple acts of measuring, stirring, and watching my creation transform as it bakes.  However, the height of my enjoyment comes from watching someone else enjoy what I have baked.

I love baking (and cooking) for my family.  Serving them a nutritious meal that I have taken the time to edit for their individual tastes is nurturing to my soul and maternal instincts.  I enjoy to find out the favorite treat of a friend and make it for them on a special day.  It lets them know that you were thinking of them all day long, and you couldn't wait to see them.  I appreciate the opportunity to bake for a person or family during difficult times.  I hope they realize that even though I get caught up in my daily life, my thoughts and prayers are with them.

I may benefit from the process of baking, but I pray that the love of Christ is shown through my baking.  When my family's body is strengthened, a friend's day is brightened, and a broken spirit is touched from a dish...I pray that they are physically and spiritually nourished.  You see, I don't just bake, I am "serving" though food.